n., pl. op ▪ por ▪ tu ▪ ni ▪ ties : favorable or advantageous circumstances or combination of circumstances: favorable or suitable occasion or time; chance for progress or advancement: Synonyms: opportunity, occasion, opening, chance, break.


Vincenti & Lampart is a private equity firm focusing mainly on independent Consumer Packaged Goods brands and independent Beverage brands. The firm has been involved in the beverage industry for years. With our studios TV Company and Kruse Film we have helped to shape memorable campaigns for soda, water and beer brands all over the world. We have produced commercials for Coca Cola, Apollinaris, Erdinger Weissbier and Becks Beer just to name a few of the brands.


From producing effective commercials for beverages and consumer packaged goods in the early days we have eventually evolved into an incubator for developing brands and new products. One of our early online sales platforms is now the number one online seller for energy drinks in the United States. Our portfolio includes several consumer packaged goods and beverages and brands. Our range covers functional beverages such as energy drinks, energy shots, liquid supplements, to specialty products such as RTD premium coffees, unique non-alcoholic refreshments, ultra premium sparkling coconut waters, sparkling mineral waters to high-antioxidant fruit juices.


With our new, FDA certified plant located in Central Florida, we have added the capabilities of an independent one-stop manufacturer for all liquid and semi-liquid food and beverage products. Our plant covers a wide range of services from formulation, lab, compliance, claims risk management, certifications (anything from organic to kosher etc.), bar-coding, packaging design, sourcing, prototype development, short runs, full scale manufacturing, procurement chain management, filling, packing, warehousing, logistics, fulfilment , distribution support, all the way to general brand development. We deploy these capabilities for our own products but also services to wide range of clients.


We are currently in the process of building significant, new distribution channels and direct sales channels for some of our most innovative and advanced product developments.