n., pl. op ▪ por ▪ tu ▪ ni ▪ ties : favorable or advantageous circumstances or combination of circumstances: favorable or suitable occasion or time; chance for progress or advancement: Synonyms: opportunity, occasion, opening, chance, break.

Peter J. Dowling, Chairman



Peter is a loyal subject of Her Majesty, with wide experience of the City of London, its ways and its traditions and is a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Innholders. He is the CEO of Summerland Estate GmbH, a Swiss holding company that is the majority shareholder of Vincenti & Lampart Ventures, Co.

Born during the final years of WWII, while his father was commanding naval ships of the Royal British Navy around the world, he was educated at Bickley Hall and Rugby, before signing articles with Turquand Youngs & Company, Chartered Accountants, of Coleman Street, London. Later he lectured in Law and Accounting and  started to help small companies develop, which besides public service and charity engagements has led to a long and successful business career as an executive, managing companies of all sizes and types. Prior to joining the Group in 1999 Peter was the Chairman and Managing Director of Loyal Bank. He leads the Group of companies as its Chairman.

Peter is a passionate photographer, a gourmet and wine aficionado and a lifelong sailor, having spent youthful summers ocean racing in the UK and further afield.