n., pl. op ▪ por ▪ tu ▪ ni ▪ ties : favorable or advantageous circumstances or combination of circumstances: favorable or suitable occasion or time; chance for progress or advancement: Synonyms: opportunity, occasion, opening, chance, break.

Thomas G. Winckler, CBDO



Tom is Vincenti & Lampart's chief business developer. He works across the entire equity portfolio and manages strategic relations, opportunity networks and  global investors relations.

He is an Alumni of Portland State University where he majored in international marketing and management. As a young man Tom ventured to Europe. He helped NSA of Memphis, TN to launch their products in overseas markets. Tom built a formidable sales-force of more than 65,000 distributors for NSA out of Germany and quickly ventured into the neighboring European countries, generating revenues for the company in  excess of $100 million in the environmental product area. Water filers, air filtration systems, household soda appliances, functional beverages and nutritional  supplements have been Tom's focus for the last two decades.

Having lived and worked internationally building significant sales-forces around Consumer Packaged Goods makes Tom a unique expert in CPG brands here in the US and abroad.  He has built a valuable network of international relations and is a revered expert in the field of direct sales operations. Tom hunts, fishes and skis in his spare time.