n., pl. op ▪ por ▪ tu ▪ ni ▪ ties : favorable or advantageous circumstances or combination of circumstances: favorable or suitable occasion or time; chance for progress or advancement: Synonyms: opportunity, occasion, opening, chance, break.


In the early 80's a German commercial and movie production studio was formed under the name German TV Company Film- und Fernseh Produktions GmbH, located Munich; one of Europe's movie production hubs. TVC studios quickly evolved into one of the premier TV commercial production labels in Germany and later in all of Europe.

The international breakthrough for TVC studios came in 1986, shooting a TV commercial for the German makers of the Audi Quattro automobile. The commercial was produced in cooperation with the world renowned agency BBDO, Dusseldorf. The concept of a 4-wheel drive sedan was so groundbreaking and new that a spectacular and risky concept had to be deployed for Audi to be able to explain the benefits of a 4-weel drive in a commercial without using words. Instead of explaining the advantages of a 4-wheel drive, the decision was made to demonstrate it.

A TVC team travelled to Kaipola,Finland. Audi hired the world champion rally driver Harald Demuth who was asked to drive a street version of the new Audi 100 CS Quattro up the legendary Pitkävuori ski jump. Starting 150 feet off the ground, Harald Demuth had to drive the Audi Quattro up the ski jump at an angle of 37.5 degrees - which is equivalent to about an 80 percent gradient! Nobody had ever tried to drive a car up a ski jump before.



In an area long before the internet and YouTube this commercial became an overnight sensation and the same year went on to win the most prestigious award for TV commercials in the world - The Lion' d'Or (the golden lion) from the International Advertising Festival in Cannes on the French Riviera being the best TV commercial in the world in 1986. This is the equivalent of winning an Oscar for the best movie of the year.